We’re excited to announce virtual training sessions launching Monday, July 13! Browse the sessions below, then register for the sessions you’d like to attend in HubHelp. View our FAQs to learn more.

July 13 - Monday

Intuitive and comprehensive online help is key to having a great experience with FACTS. That’s why our new, innovative online help experience can help you learn, complete your day-to-day tasks, and become the master of your craft. Come check it out, ask questions, and learn from the experts.

This session will go over how using FACTS payment plans for 100% of your families streamlines internal processes and improves reporting. It will cover our flexible payment plan and billing options and how they can meet your families’ unique needs.

Title I is the largest program supporting elementary and secondary education in the United States. Currently funded at more than $16 billion, there is an equitable allocation of these Title I funds set aside for private schools. This workshop will provide school leaders with a foundational understanding of how private schools can access and use approximately $1.5 billion of Title I funds for the benefit of their students, teachers, and parents, including information on distance teaching and learning. The session will also address how to maximize programs and services through CARES Act/ESSER funding.

Learn how to configure your options to customize payment plans and billing options to meet the individual needs of your families — collecting down payments, offering multiple payment and remittance dates, fees, and much more!

The world is going through a lot of changes and uncertainty. Those changes have not only affected financial aid for the 2020-2021 school, but are likely to pose challenges for the upcoming 2021-2022 financial aid season as well. This session will cover new enhancements to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment along with a focus on features and tools that can be leveraged if a family’s financial situation changes. This class is recommended for current FACTS Grant & Aid clients who have a basic understanding of the product’s features and navigation.

July 14 - Tuesday

Research shows that high-quality professional development plays an important role in ensuring all students are served by effective educators. Yet, not all teachers and school leaders have access to the professional resources they need to thrive – including private school teachers. This workshop will provide information on how private school teachers and leaders can access more than $200 million of professional development funds to improve their education craft, including distance/online teaching. The session will also address how to maximize programs and services through CARES Act/ESSER funding.

Discover how to create and grade assignments, quizzes, and tests and learn how to use standards-based grading in the FACTS SIS gradebook. We will also show how to enter grades manually or load them automatically to report cards. We will wrap up by showing you how to add comments to the report card, assign citizenship grades, and calculate semester and final grades.

Learn how to leverage FACTS Inquiry and Application functionality for your school in this masterclass session. We’ll discuss the new inquiry experience for nurturing prospects and best practices for admissions. Discover how to pick the right tools for the job and get the most out of these products.

FACTS SIS’ gradebook makes managing your classroom easy. Join us to learn how to prepare your gradebook for the new school year. We will show examples of gradebook categories and calculation methods, and cover the basics of creating lesson plans. We will also cover taking attendance and submitting lunch orders.

July 15 - Wednesday

Start the school year off right — learn how to create a new school year, verify and move students to their new grade level and status, add and edit course and class offerings, verify teacher assignments, and get ready for scheduling. You’ll also learn about specific reports that help you verify your database is ready for the new year. You’ll discover how to close out the current school year and gear up for fall. Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of student progression, related SIS considerations, best practices for report card and transcript archiving, accounting, and FACTS Family Portal.

Extend learning beyond the physical classroom and enhance the teacher/student engagement process with FACTS SIS’ native, free learning management system (LMS). Learn how discussions, wall posts, and chat can help student interact with the material, with each other, and with the structure of learning by creating units and topics. Assess progress through assignments, discussions, and quizzes fully integrated with the FACTS SIS gradebook.

In the midst of COVID-19, we’ve learned that communication with families, staff, and students is more important than ever. Join us to learn several ways that FACTS SIS can help you stay connected to your school community, even from a distance!

Is coaching the best way to advance teaching and learning in our schools? In this webinar, Dr. Susan Abelein, Academic Coaching Manager for FACTS Education Solutions, distills the research of Kraft, Blazer, and Hogan’s report, The Effect of Teacher Coaching on Instruction and Achievement: A Meta-Analysis of the Causal Evidence. Key findings from their review of literature and meta-analyses of 60 studies of coaching programs are shared. These insights, as well as a discussion of coaching program components – including cost-effective video-based distance-coaching – offer school leaders a coaching model that meets the needs of their school community.

July 16 - Thursday

Whether you are currently using Premier Integration or are considering it, this session will be beneficial as we walk through all of the areas in both FACTS SIS and FACTS Tuition Management that integrate together. We will discuss our best practice recommendations for each of the following areas: Lunch, Child Care, Admissions, Tuition Plan Setup/Billing, and Incidental Expenses. From our past experiences with schools, we have identified key processes and configurations that will set you up for success.

If you are using Premier Integration, find out how FACTS Tuition Management and FACTS SIS’ child care functionality integrates. This session shows how charges are created and sent to the Tuition Management system, how to review available reports, and how to save staff time by having families become responsible for their child’s clock in/out time.

Discover how FACTS SIS’ cafeteria area integrates with FACTS Tuition Management through Premier Integration. Learn about Lunch Methods 1 and 2, see how charges created in FACTS SIS are sent to FACTS Tuition Management, review FACTS reports, and go through the family’s experience.

Are you looking for ways to simplify billing for all the various unique households represented at your school? This session will help you learn the most common setups for managing different family structures as a FACTS Premier Integration school. Understand how to properly map FACTS SIS families to create a billing record, manage split families, divide financial responsibilities, support families, and more.